204 W 10th St., Wilmington, DE 19801


TUES. 11 AM – 3 PM

WED. 11 AM – 3 PM

THUR. 11 AM – 4 PM

FRI. 11 AM – 4 PM


About Us | A Unique Approach

DE Slider Co is a unique approach to your classic favorite burger joint. We believe there is a strong difference between eating and dining, and we are here to share that experience with you. Located in the heart of downtown Wilmington, DE, we offer a mouthwatering array of sliders and delicious sides. We have bold flavors that can be experienced for dine in, take out, delivery and catering for your next event.

The best food always starts with quality ingredients. Our recipes have been curated by Chef Will himself, from sauce to bun everything has been carefully selected to enhance your culinary experience. Everything is made from scratch and our ingredients are locally sourced. Great food brings people together, and that is the whole mission that has brought DE Slider Co. to life. Our team loves to serve up the best, so that you feel your best and enjoy every moment and bite along the way.

DE Slider Co reinvents the culinary experience by including Chef Will’s eclectic cooking experiences from countries all over the world. Are you ready for juicy burgers, crispy chicken on cornbread, and meat that melts in your mouth?! And make sure to get a side of our famous house made buffalo brussels sprouts, they will rock your world!

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